Blogs, popular pieces, interviews

  • Irrational Fools, a philosophy and economics blog (for which I haven't written in ages…).
  • A (German speaking) radio programme on thought experiments in the Swiss radio SFR. Guests: Wolfgang Spohn (Konstanz) and myself.
  • Portrait in German Newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt (in German).
  • My Inaugural Lecture at Durham University (June 6, 2013).
  • Interview with Routledge about my book The Philosophy of Economics.
  • Interview with the INET Young Scholars Initiative at Tubingen University, June 2012.
  • Guest blog post: “Evidence for use”, History of Economics Playground (Blog), December 13, 2010.
  • Newspaper article (on thought experiments, in German): “Was wäre wenn...”, der Freitag, June 16, 2009.